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Meet Kylee Berger

An Exercise in Discipline Meet Kylee Berger 24 Years Old BS Molecular & Developmental Biology University of Washington 2014 **Applied for Nursing School**


Like every competitive skater, Kylee Berger has taken her share of falls. When she falls down, she gets right back up and tries again. She has had her share of disappointments as well. There has been no easy road for her to that World podium that she has been striving for. Kylee is a hard worker and has an I incredible work ethic that is admired by her coach and the entire club.


Kylee skates 20-25 hours per week and trains at a local fitness club-sometimes twice a day. She works with a sports chiropractor to be sure she is aligned, and she keeps up on her massage therapy to keep her muscles loose. Her training is a full time job, but it is a part of her life. She eats a health conscious diet and has not had fast food in 5 years. Kylee also mentors the rest of her skating club in their fitness and core strength training.


Kylee began skating in beginner classes at 8 years old and joined the competitive club when she was 9. She placed 3rd in freestyle in the Northwest Region in 1999 has gone to nationals each year since. Kylee Berger is a many time Northwest Regional and National Champion in Figures, Loops, Freestyle and Pairs. Kylee & Trace retired from WC Pairs, 5th place in Murcia, Spain. Kylee earned a spot in the top 8 WC Ladies skaters invited to compete at the World Games last July 2013 in Cali Columbia.


Kylee has been on the US World team in Freestyle, Pairs or both since 2006, but did not make the team this past year due to a devastating long program. Said perfectly from Kylee in the Everett Herald Newspaper, " I have the opportunity, and I am good enough to do it. I have the content, I have the coach and I have the routine. I have everything I need, to be on the World Podium. When it happens, It will be really emotional. This is what I have put everything in for since I was 9 years old. I've overcome huge obstacles, especially how devastating this last year was for me. So, to stand on that top step, and know that I accomplished my goal? There aren't even words to describe what that would feel like."


In January 2014, Kylee flew down to Florida to work with the top Italian coach, Gabriele Quirini, for 3 days. Gabriele was very impressed with Kylee.


In February 2014, Kylee was invited to Legends Camp in Dallas, Texas for the 3rd year in a row, where she continues to work hard and strive to improve.


In May 2014., Kylee will attend the German Cup in Freiburg, Germany.